New participant site – we want to hear your thoughts!

Jim Moodie 16 January 2018

Late last year we got in touch with you to ask your thoughts about re-designing the participant interface.

Our goals are to make it more reliable and scalable, better organised, easier to use, and more fun and engaging.

We’ve been working on putting together our new design, here are some examples we can share with you, let us know what you think!


We’re looking to develop prescreening into more of a profile area. It’ll help us organise questions into different categories, so you can decide what to answer, and keep your information up to date.

Selecting studies

We’re making it easier to search the studies available to you, read about them and select the ones you want to take part in

Taking studies

We’re making key information more visible when taking studies, and we’re making it clearer what to do next, and how to deal with issues.

Managing Studies

We’re making it easier to keep track of your completed studies and their status.


We’ll also be making the site a little easier to use on mobile, although for now we won’t be developing a separate mobile app.

Instant Cashouts

We’re also planning to add some functional improvements you’ve requested, like instant cash-outs to Paypal.

What’s next?

We’re now starting to develop the initial prototype version of the site, and we’ll keep you up to date with our progress.

We’ll be testing the initial version with a few participants and gradually rolling it out to more in a few months from now. We’ll let you know as this becomes available. While we’re trialling the new site, you’ll still be able to go back to the legacy version until everything is running smoothly and everyone is transitioned.

Let us know what you think and look out for more updates.

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